Bush Company Load Bar High Foot Mount

Sale price$22.00

The Load Bar High Foot Mount can be used together with The Bush Company’s Rooftop Tent Load Bars to raise the height of the load bars.  The High Foot Load Bar Mount is constructed from stainless steel and is powder-coated in a satin black finish.  When installed the total height from the base of the bracket to the top of the load bar will be 60mm / 2 ²³/₆₄”, if mounted on our rooftop tents the gap beneath the load bar will be 60mm / 2 ²³/₆₄” and the height from the roof to the top of the load bar will be 80mm / 3 ⁵/₃₂”.

The Load Bar High Foot Mount is the ideal solution if you are looking to mount solar panels to the roof of your tent using our solar panel brackets but still want to be able to have the load bar to load items like surf boards without them resting on the solar panel.

The brackets are sold in pairs and you need one pair per load bar. The load bars are sold separately.

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