MSA Dash Organiser

Sale price$73.00

The MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser is another innovative MSA 4X4 product that helps keep useful items close at hand and easily accessible. It is perfect for storing items such as phones, pens, earphones and phone chargers. The Dash Organiser features an internal aluminium strip that can be moulded to match any vehicle dash or desired shape.


  • 5 pockets to store small items such as sunglasses, 2-way radios and mobile phones.
  • Large pocket to hold larger items.
  • Elastic straps to secure objects and prevent them from falling out whilst travelling uphill.
  • Mould the front shape of the organiser to suit your needs with the internal flexible aluminium strip.
  • Velcro or adhesive tape base options supplied to suit carpeted or non-carpeted dashboards.

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