Bush Company 270 XT Awning Wall Kit

Sale price$1,150.00

If you’re looking to enhance privacy and shield yourself from the elements with your 270 XT Awning set-up, the ideal solution is the 270 XT Awning Wall Kit. This kit includes 4 main walls and 5 aluminum telescopic poles that conveniently fit into pre-drilled holes in the trussed awning arms, offering added stability and support for the walls.

Check out the full product review video to see the kit in action and the product description below for more details.


If you are looking to provide some privacy or a wind break and protection from the elements to your 270 XT Awning set-up, this high-quality awning wall kit is the perfect solution.

The 270 XT Awning Wall Kit comes as a complete kit with four walls and 5 telescopic poles.  Three of the walls have a large window in them and one wall has a large door opening that rolls up to the top, the door also has a large window in it. All of the walls are interchangeable so you can choose where you want the one with the door.  The windows all have high quality midge mesh on the outside and a canvas flap that zips up from the bottom enabling easy management of airflow from the inside. The kit also comes with a unique privacy feature that enables you to attach one of your walls directly to one of the trussed awning arms to section off an area underneath the awning to use as either a changing area, shower or WC.

The canvas used in the 270 XT Awning Wall Kit is 260gsm rip-stop polyesters canvas that is acrylic impregnated for waterproofing.  There is a 50mm wide Velcro strip across the top edge for attaching to the awning and the walls are attached to each other using a quality YKK plastic zips.  The walls have a large 400mm high 600gsm PVC 'mud skirt' running around the base of the walls, the variable tie down points for the walls are stitched into the PVC skits to accommodate different vehicle heights.  The maximum height of the walls is 2.4m / 7'10³¹/₆₄".

The Wall Kit 270 XT Awning comes with a canvas storage bag for the walls and the poles. The total weight of the kit is 20Kg / 44lbs 1.5oz.

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