Scheel-mann Orthopedic Seat – Vario F XXL

The Vario XXl is life changing for taller drivers! The backrest is 3 inches taller than the standard Vario, allowing taller drivers to finally sit up straight and enjoy the drive! It is possible to go on a long drive, and not be in pain at the end of the journey.

It is available either as a Vario XXL F with less aggressive bolsters in the seat cushion, or as a Vario XXL R with the larger seat bolsters as shown.

To order call 346-289-5382

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The Vario model seats share the same backrest shape as the Traveler, what sets it apart is that it is 10
way adjustable so that you can get the perfect ergonomic fit.
The entire lower cushion is infinitely adjustable in and out so that drivers with the shortest thighs or the
longest will both be able to find a perfect adjustment.
The upper bolsters that support the sides of your torso are also adjustable in and out so that you can
perfect the fit.
Each Vario is equipped with our unique 4- way lumbar support. You can adjust both the intensity of the
support, but also fine tune the hight of where you prefer the support on your back.
The backrest has a release mechanism that allows the seat back to hinge forward.

To order call: 346-289-5382
Or Email: [email protected]


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